Have a look at the amount of waste we've recycled this month to create our 100% recycled refuse bags:

TOTAL Refuse bags:

Rope (500g bundles):

Plastic bags:

Plastic bottles:

Plastic crates:

Refuse Bags

All our refuse bags are made from 100% recycled material with a high level of post-consumer waste that’s been physically cleaned out of the environment. We’re the 1st organisation in South Africa to receive SGS accreditation for having fully recycled content in our refuse bags.

Every year we run 6 000 tons of material through our plant to create 240 million refuse bags.



Bin Liners

We produce a range of fragrance bin liners for vanity bins, pedal bins and swing bins.

pedal bin liners

Swing bin liners

Cling Wrap

Our polyethylene cling film is plasticiser free and carries the endorsement of the CANSA federation. Cling film is available in a tear-off box or pre-perforated.

With its perforated sections, you can quickly and neatly tear off the piece you need. It’s ideal for covering leftovers or wrapping up a quick lunch. Rest assured that the freshness and flavour will be wrapped up too.

Our foil and cling wrap products have won 2 awards in the household category at the 2011 IPSA Gold Pack Awards. The products were recognised for their innovative reverse printing process. The end results are a glossy, scruff-free finish and a format which brings down packaging costs to enable the savings to be passed onto the consumer.


We produce a range of aluminium foils. The heavy and lightweight foil is available in a variety of sizes and lengths. Whether you’re packing a quick lunch or roasting the perfect chicken in the oven, we have a suitable foil for you. Available with a handy tear-off dispenser or in a pre-perforated roll.


Disposable Protective Wear

We manufacture a range of disposable protective gear for the medical, catering and allied industries.

Food Bags

Whether you’re marinating a steak, freezing leftovers or packing a lunch bag, we have a variety of freezer and sandwich bags, both with and without zips, available. Once our bags are sealed, they remain sealed, so your food will stay fresh on the go, or at home.

Make sure you pack extra zipper bags when you go on holiday. They’re the perfect storing place for toiletries, make-up and jewellery.

Promotional Items

We run a dedicated division that produces promotional items for below-the-line advertising, point of sale campaigns, etc. We will assist our clients in developing a product from idea to final product.