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    Established in 1986 and based in Cape Town, Tuffy is dedicated to producing high-quality consumer goods that have a lighter impact on the environment than our counterparts. Why? Because we care. As the first manufacturer in SA to be certified for using 100% recycled material in our refuse bags, we believe we can make Mother Nature a little happier, one...

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    For decades, Tuffy has been the number one choice for both South African consumers and leading retailers around the country. Being a key supplier to multiple big players in the retail space is something we are very proud of. We believe this shows that our products are not just good enough for us and our consumers but also for other...

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    Tuffy is the first organisation in SA to be accredited for having fully recycled content in our refuse bags. Made from 100% recycled material with a minimum 75% level of post-consumer waste, we’re effectively turning trash into trash bags. Sure, it would be easier for us to use virgin plastic, but by doing it our way, we’re reducing our carbon...

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    In order to create quality products from the highest level of post-consumer waste, our technology needs to keep up with the changing nature of the raw material. That’s why Tuffy is constantly evolving and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because we know environmentally responsible brands like ourselves have a key role to play in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods...

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